Windows 7 annoying "Unsupported Hardware" pop ups

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I, just like most users hate Windows 10 for so many issues and bugs. It has usability issues and so many problems that Windows support team chooses ignore despite multiple complaints. Microsoft knows this very well but they keep hush about all this. Now to add to it, Windows 7 (the best OS so far) keeps giving a warning that my Intel Core i7 (7700k) processor is not supported.

I'm sorry but Windows 10 is officially the **** and buggiest product I've ever used. And I'm never going to switch to it until every problem has been fixed. Please do something about these annoying "unsupported processor" pop ups. If this is not resolved soon I'm going to write an entire blog about this and I'm sure there are many users who feel the same. Now this is not a small issue and I suggest to take this at the highest priority.

Every user should be allowed to use whatever version of Windows that suits their needs and is comfortable to use.

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These days having Windows Update set to automatic is not the healthiest thing for Windows.

Let's see here...  what details do we know about your new system - nothing.

If you just built your custom desktop is it current with Service Pack 1 and other Windows updates?

What is the link to "MS's page regarding how to fix this problem"?

The issue could also be related to KB4015549 which you can read about here:

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