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RichardNewby asked on

Thank you,  I called the Microsoft store in Seattle after I posted the thread about xbox music not accepting Discover cards. And, the MSFT store stated that they do not accept Discover and they were nicely rude in telling me, they would give me a refund for the purchase of the surface. OK, that is fine, but the big picture is that the surface was purchased for my daughter in hopes that the surface ecosystem would be a productive, happy place for her.

We use the Discover card because it works very well with our income level. And, we are thankful that we are getting a refund because the surface was a big expense for us and we would have been blocked from the MSFT ecosystem because of the Discover card / income level.


Thank u MSFT for the lesson learned, I will be more careful with our money.  


  in closing what is the best way to get all of her pictures off the surface before we return it?


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Rebecca_AA1 replied on

Hello RichardNewby,

If you do not have these same files and photos stored somewhere else, then we encourage you to back up any personal files or photos to either SkyDrive or a Micro SD card or even a USB flash drive, before deleting anything.

Once this is done, you will also want to remove any email accounts you may have added to the Surface.

Now click on the Photo app, then click on Photo Library and select the pictures you want to delete by tapping or clicking on the specific ones. Once a check mark has appeared in the upper right-hand corner of the photo, right click and a bar will appear at the bottom of the screen providing a list of actions to take.  The option to delete photos is listed here.

Another option is to Remove everything.

To Remove is to uninstall everything and restore the Surface to factory settings.  It will not save any personal files. Everything that was not a factory setting or installation is removed.

To do this you would open your charms, tap or click Settings, then tap or click PC Settings

scroll to General and tap or click Remove


Again, please back up any personal files and or photos before deleting any items you may have on the Surface.

If you should need further instructions or help please respond here.

I'm sorry you're having to return your Surface,


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