Skype 7 (Skype classic) to be discontinued soon.

We have announced that support for Skype 7 (Skype classic) on all platforms will end soon. Read our blog.

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Can someone confirm (but I'm wishing it isn't true) that Classic Skype is no longer to be supported after September 2018?

How can this be true when most people want to use Classic Skype and no one seems to like 'new Skype' or they have so many problems with it that it isn't workable! What happened to listening to what the customer/user wants.


Based on customer feedback, we are extending support for Skype 7 (Skype classic) for some time. Our customers can continue to use Skype classic until then.  

Thanks for all your comments - we are listening. 

Watch this space.

I have Windows 7 so what does that mean for me? Can I keep using Classic Skype? Please please say it is so- I love it so much!

Well I can tell you , (and affirmed after seeing all the negative comments, reviews etc) NEW skype is not meeting peoples needs, and as SO many have issues with it, and as you clearly can not address all of them in time. Can you extend the support for the previous version so that we can continue to use the version we like? I for one can not use new skype for my needs, it simply doesnt work the way I need it too.

If you cut of the previous version Sept 1st, I know you are going to lose a LOT of users. I am already having to look for an alternative as I simply cant use new skype  as it doesnt support my needs like the old one did.

PLEASE continue support of the previous version and dont force us to change to something that is not making the users happy!

Hi Arthur,

There is no news on when support for Classic version of Skype will be suspended, Microsoft were pushed into re-introducing that version on Windows 10 as a lot of users hated the new app style

So for the moment, the Classic version is here to stay . . .
Power to the Developer!
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WHOOPEE! We're all watching - let's hope what you have to offer in the near future is a decided improvement on the impoverished Skype you were about to offer!


I'm so glad to hear this.

I understand that a new code-base can make sense when platforms need to evolve, but until v8.x (or whatever version runs as a non store app) gains the features and functionality already in v7.x, it makes no sense to force us to upgrade. UI options are an option.

Every day I have multiple IM chats on Skype in parallel/side-by-side windows whilst using the Skype 'dashboard' to monitor statuses and reach out to other people and all without switching conversation context.

To put it another way if I'm forced to use v.8 with the 'all in one window' approach I will likely be forced to move away from Skype... I don't want to do that; I love using Skype and have done, ever since it on-boarded most of the best features of MSN/Microsoft Messenger.

Let's hope we have a mature response from the dev/design team; one that steps outside of their UX bubble and looks at how daily Skype users actually use the tool, both on a single or on a multi-monitor desktop PC.

There is never a need to remove useful functionality in an application or platform just because the 'majority' of users never touch such things.


A 'power' user


New Skype is almost unusable.  A whole chunk of features have gone - I can't even tell if someone's on line, I have to run it maximised so I can see the bottom of the window, I can't control the sound.... and so on.

I've struggled with the new version for several weeks and gone back to the old one.

We have announced the end of support for Skype 7 (Skype classic) on all platforms on 1st September 2018. Read our blog.

Visit our upgrade page where you can learn more about the new Skype 8.

We know you have questions, so we have a FAQ article too.

Welcome to Skype 8!

The Skype Team.

I think this is a bad news for users, include me. I try to use skype on my macbook, but I found many function is so bad.

1: Skype does not recognize the sound card, such as this model of sound card can not be identified.


2: New version only use two account on the mac,but the old version can use many  account at the same time with the command on the terminal. the coomand is :

open -na /Applications/ --args -DataPath /Users/$(whoami)/Library/Application/SkypeX

X means 1,2,3,4……

3:Older versions can hang someone in a group call, but not in the new version. In addition, SKype should learn like Zoom. The host can control the microphone of the group member and mute on the line. This useful function needs to be set up, which is helpful for several people to chat.

4:When the old version searched for a message record sent to me by a friend, it was easy to search, and the new version could not be searched.

5:If the old version adds a link to the back of the group, it will generate a small arrow to the right. Click the arrow to enter the group link, and the new version cancels this useful function.

As for the use of interface optimization, or other minor issues, I will not say, these are not the main ones.

But the most important one, I have told the skype agent many times that many of their new versions exist, I hope they update the security mechanism based on the old version, but the skype agent seems to have his own ideas, never heard of it. The needs of the majority of users, may be more accurate for skype, but I did find many problems with the skype version, and I hope that skype can seriously solve these problems, so that it can grow bigger and bigger.


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