Outlook 2013 missing emails from MS Live Exchange account

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I discovered a very worrying and potentially hard to spot problem where Outlook 2013 does not seem to show every email in my main Inbox folder of a Microsoft Live email account!


Obviously this can be quite a difficult issue to spot if you only view your email via Outlook 2013 as you'll never know that there are emails missing as most of the mailbox and messages appear normally. I only spotted it as I'd seen an email via my Windows Phone 8 device and then couldn't find it even with search when I planned to reply to it later on my Windows 8 desktop via Outlook 2013.


Obviously it's difficult to say what percentage and how often this serious glitch/problem is occurring, but I have got comparative screenshots between webmail, Windows 8 Mail app, Windows Phone 8 and Outlook 2013 desktop programme...and Outlook 2013 is the ONLY one that this time I've caught not showing me a bunched batch of 4x different emails from 5th Feb that never display in Outlook 2013.


Please let me know if you are already aware of this issue and I'm happy to upload these screenshots privately to moderators to assist with this serious bug that means I will have to stop using Outlook 2013 until this is resolved as I can't risk not seeing emails!


Many thanks in advance.

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