Fix for Game Pass for PC Admin Error (0x80070005)

I have found a fix that I have found to have worked even after multiple restarts:

  • Open the Settings app (the gear in the start menu)
  • Open Accounts
  • Click Sign-in Options
  • Scroll down to Privacy
  • Uncheck "Use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting up my device and reopen my apps after an update and restart."
  • Restart your device

It seems that this setting was preventing my Gaming Services app from opening.

My speculation leads me to believe that this app provides admin access to the Xbox (beta) app.



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Your are genius. Have been trying to log back into Exodus since 06/19. Your solution perfectly worked for me. Hope others try your solution and find out whether it works for them.

Thank you very much for sharing this with the community. Have you considered to become an ambassador? 

Again, thank you, very much!

Thank you so much! You are amazing! I had tried everything and was totally hopeless. Your solution perfectly worked for me. At the end, I will be able to play Metro Exodus!
Still getting the PC admin error. :(
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Which of the multiple tools in that program worked for you? Thanks in advance.

Which of the multiple tools in that program worked for you? Thanks in advance.

I left it as default, which applies all of the tools.

However since the problem seems to be due to permissions you could try just the registry related ones to start with.

wounderful !




turn off this the gaming services and gaming services net SERVICE run very smooth 

and all game turn to normal!

thank you very much

Thank you so much! I was stuck on this issue for days, tried everything and it finally worked ! 

Not all heroes wear capes

Fix worked perfectly. Many thanks.Tried many other possible solutions but none worked. MS needs to fix this in their apps asap.
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You can find more info about this error code here:

Um, as this is a PC error , that guide helps with nothing and have no info for  us. 

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