Cannot install games on D drive says it is not formated to NTFS.

Every game I go to install it gives be a selection of where I want to install it, On C or D drive. C drive doesn't have an issue but when I select D drive it says "For this game. choose a drive that's formatted as NTFS"

I checked the properties of my D drive an it says "File System NTFS"

I reinstalled the Xbox beta it did not change anything.

I installed a couple of games on my D drive a few days ago and I can still play those games.

Dead Cells was one of the games I had downloaded earlier. I just played it for a few minutes then uninstalled it. It will not let me reinstall.

After clicking through a lot of games it seems like some of them will install. seems to be about 50/50.

Any help would be appreciated. 

So, I just downloaded new version of Xbox Beta app 1911.1001.8.0 and it seems the issue is gone.

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