E3 2017 XBox One X and games

Greetings all and hope like my self you are excited for things to come in 2017 with this years E3 announcements.  So lets break down some of the things that was said and have me excited. 

  First off we have the big one the full discloser of the new addition to the Xbox One family the Xbox One X or XBOX lol. This beast is set to push games to native 4k and 60 fps. This thing is awesome and having seen it at E3 I can confirm it is just a tad smaller then the S currently.  With a price point of $499 it is the most expensive but it is also the most powerful and for what it gives defiantly worth the money. So need less to say I am very excited for this beast.

   As for games I have to two start with my three favorite ones shown.....Forza 7, Assassin's Creed Origins, Crackdown 3.  These 3 games are not only going to be fun but look amazing on the Xbox One X. 

   Lets start with Forza this is the premier racing game on the market and this is shaping up to prove it deserves that title again this year.  The game is bringing what was in 6 to even more tighter controls (or so it felt for me playing at this years E3 esp for drifting) more cars, and more tracks...more is always better I say. 

    Next is Assassin's Creed, this game is just awesome.  From the amazing landscape to just bringing Egypt 3000 years ago to life is amazing.  Any ancient history fans will love this with all the little nods to how things were and weapons used.  AC: Origins map looks to be the biggest yet for this series and most diverse as well.  The controls are more fluid for fighting and moving which are very welcome in my opinion.

    Last is Crackdown and this game just looks to be fun.  From the crazy destruction to the weapons and powers plus having enjoyed the last one this game looks like its taking it to better heights. 

Oh and all 3 of these games will play in 4k 60 fps on the X.  Especially the Forza and AC:Origins look absolutely stunning on the X.

So what did everyone think of the announcements at E3 2017?  What are you favorites and looking forward to the most?

Also be bad form  not to mention Xbox will be getting original Xbox games as backwards compatible later this year.  I can not wait to hear more and what games they will have in the first batch.  I'm hoping for Jade Empire and Knights of The Old Republic 1 & 2.  What are you all wishing for on the list?

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