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I have a htpc and stream from ex netflix HBO viaplay etc. I use the digital out on mainboard realtek alc887 to a DD, DTS reciever and it have worked flawless.  Even DD+ movies gets tranformed to a 5.1 signal and trensfered with coax cable.

Now with 1909 update, there is only 2channel out from edge, firefox etc. Something has changed.

A good choise to test is with Dolbydigital site, where you can either play "the Leaf" in the browser or download the same mp4 file.

I have reinstalled realtek and I have 5.1 output from the mediaplayer in windows, VLC  and any other player. But in a browser I only get 2channel audio.

Do you still have a System Restore Point to go back before Edge was updated? This is one way to get the old Edge back then you can block the Update to Chromium, or do the simple easy steps here to have both side-by-side here:
(Anytime there's a Shawn Brink tutorial it's safe and he'll walk you through if needed)

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