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I have installed Kinect Sports Rivals on my XBOX ONE, but it only allows me to play the wake racing game. None of the other games are available. When one goes to the silly island map, I can rotate the map, and view all the sports venues, but the only one that is clickable is Wake Racing.

I have gone into Wake Racing, been through the training with the obnoxious drill sergeant (really, someone thought that would be fun?), but I don't want to Wake Race, it doesn't interest me.

I have been unable to figure out how to get any of the other games to work. I have chatted with XBOX support for a couple of hours, they suggested uninstalling, clearing persistent storage, restarting and then reinstalling the game, but it still comes up the same way.

Anyone else experienced this problem?


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Właściwa odpowiedź

Hey there, sorry to hear about all the confusion.  The answer is actually really simple, but you may not like it.  You're going to have to race.  In order to open up the other events you have to compete in the events that are available.  To open you will have to at least place (get in the top 3) to open the others.

Hope this helps.

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Przykro nam, że nie udało się Ci pomóc.

Świetnie! Dziękujemy za oznaczenie tego jako właściwej odpowiedzi.

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Dziękujemy za opinię. Pomoże nam ona w ulepszeniu witryny.

W jakim stopniu zadowala Cię ta odpowiedź?

Dziękujemy za opinię.