To xbox support regard Specializations.

Dear Mister Gwyther and other xbox support clones that seem more like bots than people,

Why don't you actually start helping people and learn about the situation instead of constantly copy pasting the same automated corporate message telling us to read a thread that is not updated and no help to our situation in further attempts to avoid taking responsibility for the fault of your own service.

For the record, These "Invalid emails." that you claim we have, effectively passing the blame of YOUR mistake on us, are not invalid at all.

I've discovered through my own observations that the majority of people who didn't get the code were people who have been using Xbox Live for quite a few years. like 3 - 5 years. These accounts were made when we were minors. You dubbed these "child accounts." These child accounts were supposed to automatically become adult accounts when we reach the age of 18. However many of us probably remember the bugs that resulted from that. For instance, 18 year old players restricted from videos or downloads because of "parental settings."

Now I'm looking around, and I'm noticing that the only people getting their codes are the people who have originated as adult accounts.

In other words, if you are a long time, loyal xbox live gold member, You get MORE singled out than everyone else. Or as Microsoft defines it, "You have an invalid account.:"

Wonder how much easy cash you raked in after ripping off all those LE customers. Making them pay extra money for something you were just going to give away a month later. It's funny too because some people got like 5 codes for some reason, effectively ripping off 4 people. And that one guy who got it has LE anyway so he doesn't even need it, further feeling like he wasted money.

Seriously there is a guy posting on these threads who got over 25 codes! Yeah microsoft, I'm sure this is OUR fault.

I honestly don't know how you stay in business microsoft.

Oh yeah I forgot, you do it by *** people over for a living. Silly me.


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Okay for one my account originated as an adult account and I still haven't received the codes. They are trying to solve the issue and if worst comes to worse you will need to wait until they release them to the public. The replies aren't automated corporate messages. They're things the moderators ambassadors etc. came up with themselves. some of us may have copy and pasted answers because we are tired of repeating the same answer over and over again to so many different people. They are doing what they can to fix it. Whether or not they will fix it in time I don't know. All I know is my brother got his codes and his started off as a child account and he has had xbox for as long as me and he still received his code so your observation on it being mostly child accounts seems to be irrelevant because I do have friends that started off with adult accounts as well that didn't get their codes either. They are doing their best to fix the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience but a lot of people need to deal with it and a lot of people are mad about it.


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