preview dashboard/app now working right

so I had this interesting problem were the new preview dash was installed but I had no access to the dashboard app so I contacted support and this is what happened...

John: Hi. Thank you for contacting Xbox Support. This is John. How may I assist you today?
ETHREAL1: I was in a chat with "chris" and I needed to restart my router so we got disconnected but I do have a incident code "REDACTED"
John: Thank you. Let me check the reference number.
John: Is that an error code ETHREAL1?
ETHREAL1: yes I copy and pasted it...
John: Thank you for confirming. Let me just read the notes on your account ETHREAL1.
ETHREAL1: i got it from chris for when we would get disconnected
John: Thank you for patiently waiting online. I would just like to know if it's the Xbox One or 360 that you have updated?
ETHREAL1: xbox one...
John: Thank you, so after you got the updates, it won't connect to the network anymore, is that correct?
ETHREAL1: if you can see the previous chat i just want to say that it is working with the exception of the preview dashboard app that still thinks i am not in the program...
John: Thank you for that information.
John: Can you please tell me more about the issue that you're having with the Preview Dashoboard?
ETHREAL1: i go to the app and all it says is "this app is for preview program members only and has an exit button (i am the only profile on the xbox...)
John: Thank you. If I may ask, have you tried removing your Profile from the console and Downloading it again?
ETHREAL1: no but i can do that just a moment...
John: Yes please. Thank you.
ETHREAL1: and now we wait..........
John: Sure.
ETHREAL1: ... there was a problem removing you profile?????
John: Alright. Let's try this. Please go to Settings >Disc and Blu-ray > Persistent Storage > Clear Persistent Storage.
John: Then please press and hold power button for 10 seconds until it shuts off
John: Then unplug the power supply cables from the console and from the wall outlet, wait for a minute.
John: Then plug the power supply cable to the console first, then on the wall outlet and turn the console on.
John: No need to rush ETHREAL1, take your time.
ETHREAL1: no its just waiting for the console to reboot...
John: Thank you.
John: Once the console is completely on, please try accessing the Preview dashboard app.
ETHREAL1: ... so its back on and my profile is not there so i tried to redownload it and its asking for a geust key.... what?????
John: oh, let me look for some information regarding the Guess Key. But do you remember setting up this Guess Key?
ETHREAL1: i didn't know there was one...
John: Okay, one moment please.
ETHREAL1: man this last update like broke something.....
John: I understand your situation ETHREAL1 and I apologize for the inconvenience. Let's try creating a Guest Key.
John: Go to Settings.
John: Scroll right and select Guest Accounts.
John: Select Remove guest account.
John: After three failed attempts to enter the six-digit guest key, you’ll be prompted to enter your password.
John: Enter the password that you use to sign in to your Microsoft account.
John: If you want to add a new guest key, select Create a guest key and then enter a new six-digit guest key.
ETHREAL1: ... i didn't get a password prompt... all i got was try again later... with error code <0x80a4001a>
John: Okay, one moment please.
John: Thank you for patiently waiting online ETHREAL1. Can you please try Signing In your Profile, let's see if it will ask you for the Passkey.
ETHREAL1: there are no accounts on the xbox...
John: Yes, we will download your Profile.
John: Please return to the Home screen and select the sign-in icon in the upper-left corner.
John: Select Add new and sign in using your Microsoft account email address and password
ETHREAL1: when i do that it asks for a guest key (that i didn't set up or knew existed)
John: Okay, let's try resetting the Guest Key one last time. Please follow the steps above in resetting it.
ETHREAL1: error <0x80a4001a>
John: Thank you. Let me just check my resources.
John: Thank you for patiently waiting online ETHREAL1. We have two options here. First is you can post your feedback on the Preview Program Forums regarding this issue on this link: Then in order for you to access the console, we need to do an offline system update so you can at least use the Xbox console.
John: How to use the Offline System Update Diagnostic Tool on Xbox One
John: Please refer to the link above for the Offline system update.
ETHREAL1: wiil this aply the same update (preview) or one of the older ones?
John: It's actually a dashboard for non Preview members. But once you are connected online, you will be prompted to download the update again.
ETHREAL1: ok that works...
John: Okay, again, I'm really sorry for all of the hassle and inconvenience.
John: I appreciate your patience and cooperation with this issue.
John: You can keep this number for future reference: "REDACTED".
ETHREAL1: ok i will try that and if it still happens... i will be back
John: Sure. Feel free to contact us back. We're open 24/7.
John: Would there be anything else that I can help you with today?


after all that the usb dashboard update didn't work so I tried factory resetting it with a usb and now I am up and running 100% so if anyone else has this problem.... here you go...


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