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Multiple Console Support

We have confirmed that this network device is unable to support more than one console with an Open NAT. 


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Last updated September 14, 2018 Views 55 Applies to:

You can achieve open nat with this router via standard and 3rd party firmware.

Keep your normal uPNP enabled; this should handle the 1st xbox one. The following is for the 2nd xbox one in your network.

Use static IP settings on the router or xbox one; doesn't matter just know your 2nd xbox one's ip.

Then port forward to sub-standard external port then map to standard internal port and forward to your static ip.

This can technically be done on most routers, so it's not really exclusive to this router.

I attached a screenshot of my port settings. I have blocked out anything not pertaining to XBL. I may be missing a few ports so if you have any more to add for 360 or One send them my way. Now; notice I have a block of port numbers I'm using for external ports(6668-6676); then I map it to the proper XBL internal ports and forward it to the 2nd xbox one's internal ip address. I am running tomato firmware however as I mentioned you can do this on pretty much any router; I have done this on the stock WRT-54G firmware also. I have open nat on all my xboxes.


Hi deadlush.

I have a Xbox One and a Xbox 360, and for several months both ran well over my WiFi network, a router Linksys WRT54GL configured for a non-routerable network (10.10.10.xx) and connected to Internet via a Technicolor TG582N.

I know the TG582N can run a WiFi too, but without the MAC address filtering I do want to use to improve security.

Today, suddently, the Xbox 360 started to be unable to connect to XBox Live, while the Xbox One is still working fine. I checked all configurations, reset the Xbox 360 and I did all the checks indicated in the support page, no way. At the end, I activated the TG582N WiFi and connected the Xbox 360 to this WiFi network, and resolved the connection issue, but I do not like this...

Any suggestion?

Many thanks