Known Issues

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Known Issues

Under Lan Setup there's an option for "Networking Service" which can be changed between NAT (default) and Bridge.  This can be helpful since this device is often the cause of Double/Invisible NAT.
Programming of this device can also be done via phone menus.

Accessing the Interactive Voice Response Menu

  1. Use a telephone connected to the PHONE 1 or PHONE 2 port of the Phone Adapter.
  2. Press the * (star) key four times.
  3. Wait until you hear “Configuration menu. Please enter option followed by the # (pound) key or hang up to exit.”
  4. Refer to the table on page 8 for a list of actions, commands, menu choices, and descriptions. After you select an option, press the # (pound) key. To exit the menu, hang up the telephone.

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