Multiple Console Support

Apple AirPort Extreme


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*There is none.  This device requires proprietary software to configure.*



This walkthrough is based on the OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) version of the utility.

Multiple Console Support

We have confirmed that this network device is unable to support more than one console with an Open NAT. 


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I've had an AirPort Extreme for a couple of years and it worked fine with one Xbox console but we recently got a second console and we've noticed that now the network occasionally causes lags. Any ideas how to solve? We already use WPA2 security.

Your wireless encryption won't make a difference for this sadly.  The Airport is just not designed for this kind of use and that is why you're running across this lag.

If you can, try using ethernet cables, and follow the guide in the forum on setting up a DMZ and port forwarding.  

I run multiple consoles on my Airport Extreme with no issue.

2 x Xbox One, 1 360, 1 PS3, 1 PS4. All wireless, UPnP, no DMZ, no special Port Forwarding.

In my household I run 2 Xbox ones and 3 Xbox 360, all have played multiplayer at the same time with no special settings,  all are wired