Restore to Factory Default

Login Information 

  • Gateway: 

  • Username: 

  • Password: admin 

Restore to Factory Default

From the FIrmware:

  1. Open a web browser. 

  2. Type the address “” into the web address bar. 

  3. When prompted for apassword type in “admin” in the field and select "Login" 

  4. On the screen select “Advanced Setting"
  5.  Now select "Tool Box"
  6. Scroll down to Reset to Defaults and select it here.
  7. A pop-up window will appear asking you to choose "ok" or "cancel" click OK.
  8. The device will restart and have the factory default settings.

From Hardware:

  1. Locate the back of the router, where the Ethernet ports are located.
  2. Hold the reset button on the back for 30 seconds. You will need a paperclip, toothpick or pen to hold down the reset button.
  3. Let go of the reset button and wait about 1 min for the device to reboot.



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