Bridging Guide

Login Information

  • Gateway -
  • Login Username - admin
  • Login Password - 123456/admin

Bridging Guide

*Bridge mode should only be used if you have a router to connect to the device.*

*Have PPPoE settings available, if needed contact you ISP for this information.*

  1. Plug the computer into a LAN port via an ethernet cable.
  2. Open a web browser.
  3. Enter in the address bar. (Or click the link) Enter the username and password if the gateway asks (admin/123456 or admin/admin).
  4. Select “Expert Mode” on the left and then click OK when prompted.
  5. Select Configure.
  6. Select Advanced.
  7. Click on DHCP Server.
  8. Set the Server Mode to Off.
  9. Click on the yellow triangle in the corner to save the change.
  10. Select Save.
  11. Click on Advanced on the left.
  12. Select Ethernet Bridge.
  13. Put a check in the Enable System Bridge box.
  14. Click Submit.
  15. Click the yellow triangle again.
  16. Select Save and Restart.
  17. If necessary enter PPPoE settings into the router.

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