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Known Issues

On the older version of the Hughesnet gateway a feature called "web acceleration"  has been known to cause Xbox Live connection errors as well as update errors. On this device they changed the term from "web acceleration" to "TurboPage". To disable this feature do the following:


Disabling Your HughesNet Turbo Page Feature (HN9000/9200)

1. Go to the your HughesNet System Control Center at or

2. Click on the icon next to “What do these controls mean?” Taking you to the advanced pages.

3. On the Advanced Menu, click Turbo Page, then Control, and then Enable/Reset. You’ll have to display the Enable/Reset control to disable the feature. Once this feature is fixed, you follow the same process to re-enable your Turbo Page feature.

4. Click Disable and then click OK.

5. Verify the TurboPage Server is Disabled by:

6. Again, go to your HughesNet System Control Center at or

7. Click on System Info. 

8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the TurboPage value. It should read “Disabled.”


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