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Hello, I am currently having a problem with being able to connect to the GTA Online Servers for multiplayer, on XBox One, through this modem/router. I have contacted my cable company and they have open all the ports provided from Rockstar under this link When routing with NAT that outcome is always Strict on the XB1. When routing withough NAT it cuts access to all online and when routing bridged it cuts my WIFI access since it's not bridged. My High Teired TWC tech told me perhaps the ports being advised to open aren't correct or enough. Now I'm stuck without multiplayer access.  Please help me really look into this issue deeper.  Perhaps my tech may have had a point.  If only there were a way to chose the strick, moderate, open access directly on the X1. By the way, I am still able to get online fine with GTAO on the Xbox 360. And the tech assured me the modem/router can handle both systems running simoultaneously on it. Help me Swat this NAT away once and for all.

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My Xbox1 keeps freezing during multiplayer game play about 7 times a day. I'm hoping it is not my console. I truly believe it is 343 and this supper buggy game that is HALO MCC. My console doesn't freeze on any other game. However, at the same time, this issue seems to only effecting me based on all the people I've asked online. I play everyday, with a variety of different people on Halo. PLEASE help me. I was given a link to this forum via the Xbox Support Twitter account. I've gone through every step @ The final step (step 20) was to call Xbox support themselves, in which they (I assume) that link up themselves and walked me through the steps, again. Ive reinstalled this game 3 times. The 3rd time while offline. I've delete game data. I've deleted my profile. I've restored factory defaults. My connection and NAT are perfect. I'M PRAYING it has something to do with my router settings. PLEASE HELP ME. I also believe it has something to do with cheating. There are soo many cheaters on Halo. So they could possibly the ones doing it. But like i said, out of about 30 or so people that I've asked, maybe one person has said they've froze, and only once....

hello thatloco     twc tech lied to you it has been proven that the modems twc has will not run both on open nat service.most of the time with there modems the problem is the tap on the line outside on the pole  getting water in it or the tap has gone bad. causing the modem not to work right. i have been having this problem for the last 3yrs with twc and trying get them to fix the right thing is  next to impossible. even harder now that they are selling out by march 2016 to ither comcast or charter.they dont want to spend anymore money on repairs.and if you call for tech to come out all they do is cancel.with excuse that its there machine that puts the single out to your area being change out because of to low of speeds for the amount of customers of twc in that fix change companies if you can that has modems that will support gaming