ZyloW0lf Seeking Some Friends for Multi-Fun

Hey all! The name's Mike, and I'm 23. I've been trying my luck lately at finding some decent co-op friends while playing online, and so far I've been failing hardcore. For example, today when I was searching for a good game of L4D2. Seems like everyone I run into either don't have a mic (or are in party chat with other players in-game) or are squealing little children. I could really use some good mature (age-wise, at least) gamers to get in touch with. 

Games I've been playing recently, or are usually up for a good gaming session: L4D, L4D2, Dead Island, 'Splosion Man, Ms. Splosion Man (I know... but it's just so damn fun!), RAGE, Castle Crashers, some occasional Mass Effect 3 multi... and I'm sure I'm forgetting a multiplayer game or two, but you get the idea. Zombie games, RPGs, ridiculously hilarious platformers (PORTAL 2!!! Knew I forgot one), you get the drill. No worries about me being a hardcore teammate and screaming at you if you "screw up." That's not my style. I just like to have fun, crack jokes, and laugh at some epic fails I'm sure I'll have at some point or another. Send me a friend request or message and mention this forum and I'll be sure to add you! 

- ZyloW0lf (Bonus points for people who get the Zylo thing) (...they won't actually do anything for you, just make me somewhat proud of you)


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hiya we have regular meets on l4d and mass effect as well as many other games we play for fun and have mics your welcome to join us just let me know x

Sounds good! We'll have to try to get a game or two in sometime soon!