Will songs bought usibg Itunes work on the zune mp3 player?  They do uing windows media player,  don't know if that's relevant.  MS makes zune and windows.




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No, I don't think it will work.

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No, I don't think it will work.


Not to be a d**k but has anyone on here actually ever tried?


Yes you can.

Songs purchased from iTunes does not contain DRM.

Recently you could, because itunes had removed all songs from DRM which is great.


So <the codec they use>protected AAC I believe will work on zune.  Reason I ask is I already have musi bought on iTunes and am thinking of making the switch to zune.  I can use it without converting anything?

I've been doing somen    reading about the Zune Pass,  way I understand it is it streams the music, what if you are out 'n about and don't have an internet connection? Are you SOL.

I used to have a Mac and an ipod.  When I got a Zune and a netbook, I converted all my ACC to MP3 using iTunes, then loaded them into the Zune software.  Worked out great.

Even if it had DRM you could always remove that and it would work. But why not just buy music from IDK ZUNE.