I am deciding to host a zombies private match, here is what you should do before sending me msg

Make 2 classes, one for zombies one for humans.

The zombie "class" must be the following

Any primary gun.(Preferably a submachine gun because you can run faster)
Any secondary(Handgun w/ tactical knife recomended)
Can only use throwing knife
Can only use smoke grenade.

Zombie "perks" must be the following
Perk2:Lightweight or coldblooded
Perk3:Commando, or ninja.

Zombies may only use knife, throwing knife, and smoke grenades. Zombies may not use any killstreaks except for UAV's

Human or "survivor" class must be the following.
(Note humans are not allowed to knife)

Primary MUST be Intervention sniper rifle(you can use any attachement)
For seconday You must only use single fire (not automatic) handguns (you can use any attachement)
For equipment you can use frags, semtex, or claymores.
Special grenades must be ONLY stuns.
You must also only use the following perks:

Perk1:Marathon, Sleight of Hand, or Scavenger.
Perk2:Any except for hardline.
Perk3:Any perk

So once you have your classes made here are the ingame rules.

1 person will volunteer to become zombie, if no one volunteers I will choose.

Zombie will go to bottom team, humans(everyone else basically) go to top.

Zombie will run and knife the survivors. If you are a survivor that has been knifed (throwing knife included) go to zombie team.
The game ends when every survivor has turned into a zombie.

So once you have read the rules send my gt a message and I will invite you GT:Ingrownsage X    


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Okay, I'l not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not  join.

send a message to my main account rastafarian204.

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send a message to my main account rastafarian204 ronlimodriver.