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Shoot him...............ALOT!

Some of the best weapons to kill Romero are the Ray Gun, Scavenger, Death Machine, and the PaP'd Dragunov (D115 Disassembler).

^^This and its gonna take several max ammos to do it. Really a waste of time and ammo, as he will just return after a round or two anyways. Using the Death Machine several times in SOLO play works too.

The simplest way to kill him (he comes back to life a few rounds later)

Shoot his left arm 3 times with the shotgun during round 1, then right arm 4 times with the PaP'd raygun after round 3 but before round 5, then hit him in the head 63 times with the L95 during round 7.

I did it solo...first i tried to use the sickle..that took forever and i died, next game i got the FN FAL  and Pack a Punched it to get the EPC WN...then i left a "crawler" and used all 330 rounds of the EPC WN and about 200 rds of the HK21...i also did it Round 7(but i didnt attack him til Round 7..i was lead to believe his health restored each round)