Zombies: Too much or not enough?

I was thinking, zombies has changed A LOT since Nacht Der Untoten.  IMO there has been many good things added but also too much extra stuff.  For example, I love the perks, the PaP, and monkeybombs but I think stuff like space monkeys, zombie killing PRESIDENTS and the V-R11 are just excess.  So what do you guys think, has zombies grown into a refined cooperative experience or is it beating a dead horse by adding more and more.  **Please try to keep on topic**


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I dont see how any of those things constitutes less fun. Its already fantasy anyhow, so why not have a gun that makes people human and actually HELPS the game, all the while adding comic relief? Which is common in zombies already anyhow.

I agrre (spelled right?) zombies is stagard away from the idea that germans have brought back the dead in a WW2 experimaent. Now we have explosive sniper rifles. Truly ad some more real guns instead of The VR-11

Nacht der Untoten was fun because it was simple but I like what zombies has become. It keeps it fresh and entertaining.

Lowon the chain... Its a game of zombies which also like the V-11 are not real, and like KOtheOGODHSHOT says it keeps the game fresh and entertaining. And anyways if we didnt have the V-11 none of us would have been able to get our Paradise achievement....

Not enough. I want a whole damn zombie game already!!!!!