Zombies rounds wont record on my leaderboards?!

So pretty much made it to round 33 in Ascension with my friends on xbox live.   Only to see that it never recorded for on the leaderboards for me, but it did record for them?


How is that even possible?!  They have never ever made it to round 30 with any other person but me.  Anyone have a remote idea how this is even possible?  Every single Zombie game i do. Never gets recorded regardless if its on xbox live or private match. 


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Zombie leaderboards have been glitched since release.

What ive seen, is it posts your most recent game stats in the leader boards .

I've noticed it too, I've gotten up to round 35 and it only shows I managed to get to round 20 ish.. I gave up playing... people need to stop messing around with the leaderboards.

i got to round 26 once and it still said i only got to round 17. then about a month later i made  it tround 19 and it showed up but nothing has happened to my score sense so i think that the leader boards are just glitched up and treacharc needs to fix them