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ok so i have always been a zombie mode fan ever since i first played nacht, i have every map. but im unsure how a feel about the new map shangrila....what are your opinions? and do any of you know any cool easter eggs?


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I think it is less challenging than Call of the Dead. It is my second favorite map behind FIVE. I have done the big easter egg for the achievement and got the focusing stone.

Personally, I think Treyarch just broke out of their shell with this map.  With the addition of new zombies and an easter egg WORTH executing, I think more people will be interested in zombies.

new map is good but theres not much room around the map

id give it a 7/10 nothing to bust a nut over but worth the cod points imo(CotD still fav so far)

It seems that as this grows in popularity, the substance behind zombies is dwindled away, and replaced with gimmicks. I would still much rather play kino or five then the map packs.

Look at what you did in kino, take notes of the good qualities, and try to work up something from that.

You'd think that would be the mindset from the start..