Zombies Players Unite!

Looking for zombies players? Tired of the fail matchmaking? Post your GT for others to find you!

My Personal Top Rounds

Kino: 25

Five: 23

Dead Ops: 33

Ascension: 36

Call of the Dead: 20

(I had the Map Packs for CoD:WaW, but lost them.)

Nacht Der Untoten: 27

Veruckt: 30

Shi no Numa: 40

Der Reise: 36

no glitches used.

add me/invite me to play ;)


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Kino: 23 (2 people in 4 person game)

Five: N/A, never find any one to play with

Ascension: 12 (I've only played it twice)

Call Of The Dead: 13 (Only one time with friends)

I've played Kino a lot on my buddies PS3 before I got it for 360, so I know quite a bit, but I can never find a competent team.

I also have all WaW map packs and my favorite map overall is Der Reise.

I do not have the dlc but I am looking for help on the original achievements. Add me if you want.