zombies matchmaking broken

zombies mm is really broken right now, most of the time when you are in a lobby everyone readys up and "migrating host in 1...2...3" and fails or the match starts and half the people lag out. like 1% of the time does migrating host happens. spending 30 mins dealing with this and not getting into one match is a buzzkill and zombies is the only reason why  still have black ops


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its been like that for about 11 months.

You just realizing this? Zombies MM has always been broken.

Yeah old news

So.. You just realized this?

Playing with friends is way better anyways. Getting matched up with randoms that don't listen is annoying.

What's funny is they were asked a question about this at the zombies panel and they legitimately weren't aware of it. I guess they just never play zombies online.