zombies map der riese

looking for 2 mature team players preferably 20 years old or younger who wants to get to a  high round on der riese i found 1 player who will help just need 2 more send me a message if interested and i will get back to you asap thanks


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id like 2 but still trying to get my soundtrack download resolved atm still hasnt downloaded and cant even retry

try finding the soundtracks online if it wont let you retry

send me a friend request... my gamertag is MattAttack2203!

my gamertag is MattAttack2203.... send me a request!

Hey im looking to get to 60+ on der reise i would like to play with you and 2 other guys and i do have a mic and im 18 but im really good at Zombies my highest round is 50. My gt is xogxpacman please add me