Zombies - Help getting quick revive unlock

I'm looking for someone to help me get the quick revive permanent unlock for TranZit. If you don't know already, you get it for reviving a team mate between 15 and 20 times (not sure exactly) and once unlocked lets you revive other players almost instantly and it's permanent.

You can do this on round 1, just have 1 person stand in the lava while the other revives and lures the last zombie away. Rinse and repeat.

I'm online now so if you want to help (and I'll help you too) post here and send me a FR.



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Wait likes it permanent for every game u play after you get it or only for that one game?

Permanent as in every game you play.

WOW thats fricken awesome!

There are some instances of people losing em and some people not retaining them at all but no answers to why or how that i've seen.  Havnt lost the revive or headshot ones yet but have lost the steel barricades twice.  Still holding out hope for some sort of phd and mule kick perma perks too.

You don't need to have someone help you.  All you need to do is go on XBOX LIVE (doesn't work on local), setup a Custom Game, add your second controller as "GUEST" and start the game.  Your second controller player will keep going down and you just keep reviving it.... a few minutes later... voila permanent Insta Revive.  It's very easy.... I'm a newbie and I can do it by myself :)

A word about the term 'Permanent'..... actually it's not exactly permanent.  Yes, you will keep it from game to game but it can disappear.  I had mine for about a week and then it stopped working.  So I Googled and found out that you lose it if you are trying to revive someone but are not successful (you have to run from zombies or get whacked yourself) and the player you were trying to revive dies.  I don't know for sure if that is the right answer but thinking back..... I did die trying to revive players in higher rounds and lost my "permanant insta revive"  after that.  Not a big deal though.... I just went back to Custom Game and got it again

Hope that helps :).

One more thing.... it will take 15 to 17 revives to get the insta revive.  I don't know if they all have to be in the same round but I do mine in round one by keeping 1 zombie alive so more don't spawn in on me while I'm doing the revives.  You will know you got it when you see the green POOF on the screen.  You will know you have it because you revive people faster (obviously) but you will also know as the words on the screen saying you are reviving someone will turn purple.  If you lose it, they go back to being White. 

It's handy to note that because at first I didn't realize I had lost mine.... just thought lag was slowing it down but then I noticed the "reviving" words were no longer Purple.... so I knew I lost it.

2 pads kill all zombies on wave 1, leave one at a window.

Move over to window keep repairing it an keep letting the zombie put you down 15 times.

Now move in an pick him up 15 times.

You'll insta revive for ever.

Speed up is obtained by running around for 26 miles in one game,

There's a head shot one as well can't remeber what its called thou, get 2 head shots with 1 bullet, don't always register first time as well.

You know its worked by a green mist that pops when you've done it, also soon the zombie in his body a couple of times an his head will explode if activated.

These 3 are confirmed working as i have them activated on mine :D

Hey, I was away earlier.

I managed to get the revive myself in a custom game with a spare controller and a guest account. If anyone wants a hand I'm still more than happy to help.

As for the speed mentioned above. What does it do? Make you run faster? How long and or easy is it to get? Is there an obvious puff of smoke when you get it?

26 miles in one game, its the pro perk from Bop's 1 it makes you have unlimited sprint.

Easy get 2 pads split screen kill the zombies on wave 1 but leave one alive,

Open the doors with the turbine an keep running/sprinting around the depot until you see a puff of green smoke, you will also hear a voice saying some thing.

Does take a long time but worth it, comes in handy for out running the zombies in the corn field and running for the bus.

Okay, cool.

Thanks again.

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