Zombies Elite Deux

Unfortunately, the original thread was derailed by a moderator-wannabe and now serves no purpose.  Part two of "Zombies Elite" continues, with networking potential capable of bringing the Zombie leaderboard to its knees.  All I ask is that you consider your skill level before committing any emotional attachment to this thread.  I did not design this thread to make fun of, antagonize, or berate anyone associated with it.  For crying out loud, it's just a game!  But for those of us who actually enjoy this game for a particularly lengthy session, then feel free to post your scores. 

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All these scores are what I can remember. I cannot remember kills and points though.

  • Kino - 31
  • Five - 36 (not online)
  • Ascension - 46 (solo)
  • Call of the Dead - 17 (still working on a strategy)


I think elite zombie players should not worry about how high of a round they got to. I feel that it is more about the moments where other players would have messed up or gone down. Almost anyone can run circles somewhere. Say your teammate goes down across the map but he has good guns(ray gun, LMG, etc.). An elite zombie player would be able to get them no problem where as a normal zombie player wouldn't know how to control the zombies.

And I agree with you, Noxious.  Higher rounds are not more important than good ol' fashioned teamwork.  But there's a fine line between teamwork and babysitting.  The guys that go straight for the box and go bankrupt before round 10 are the ones left spectating.  The guy who got cornered on his way out of the juggernog room is the one I'm sacrificing myself to revive.

If anyone could run circles, why don't they?  (Instead of bringing their horde crashing into mine)  Lolz

Yeah haha, I should have said anyone can run circles after they learn to do it right.

Lol I knew that you knew what I was talking about...haha  You gotta admit, it is pretty hilarious when a guy runs smack dab in the middle of your horde.  Aghhh!  Which way do I go George? Which way do I go? Hahaha