zombies bans? why not?

we need to get rid of AFK lobby people(who 95% of the time have a guest) and people who don't know enough to stay at their own window/killsteal(which hurts the team in general, and lessens team survival)...


pretty much, why can't we ban the IRL game trolls? zombies should have a reporting feature for these things.


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because everyone has a right to play the game they payed for on the service they pay for no matter what their skill level compared to yours.

@TheOwenKiller-well said.


@OP-if you find that you are not enjoying your time playing zombies with random people then I recommend you play with friends.

Or Solo

Maybe the guy had to take a dump?

[quote user="AmenRA 82707"]

Maybe the guy had to take a dump?


not likely.... there are people out there, who like to troll by going AFK in the lobby with a guest... they either leave for several hours at a time, or are online. they will never start a lobby and will always have a pretty bad hiscore.

Okay now this, I laughed at.... maybe a little to hard....

Butttt....maybe just maybe they forgot they left their xbox on when they meant to leave. I've done that before.... but not for hours it was for a few minutes than realized oh hey I forgot to log off. I'm not trying to say their aren't people who don't do it on purpose and are trolling, but sometimes there are reasons.