Zombies Adchevment anyone?

Anyone want to help get the people out of the basement of the lighthouse? I don't know the order to do the fog horns, anyone down?


P.S  Have a freaking mic


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Theres a ton of videos on the process of aquiring the achievements for zombs. I already got them, well my son did, LOL.

Go to the sticky thread to find some guys down for the paradise ACHIEVEMENT.

I take that back, there is no sticky thread for Zombies anymore! Nevermind.

^ Your gamertag stands corrected.

Jk, but I really wonder what happened to that thread. It must be a few pages back so take a look there.

Anyways, I didn't do the easter egg at all. My friend did the whole thing himself lol I was just killing the zombiez.

I thought I saw it yesterday as a sticky...

sure Id be down ust send a FR to this GT :)

I up for it just send me a friend request. I know how to do the whole easter egg thing and i have a mic

If anyone is still up for doing the Call of the Dead achievements, send me a friend request and we can do them. Im on most evenings and during the day sometimes and im yet to get any of them.