Zombies 'Moon' Map help

I foolishly wasted points on this zombie map pack about 6 months after it comes out I played two solo matches on Moon and die in the first round both times. The f*$%ing zombies are hungry for flesh and blood and just run me over. So I am looking for people that wanna play the map hopefully you played it more than me and know what to do, where to go, etc.

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I apologize in advance if this throws my text into a huge block. It started out separated nicely.

You didn't waste points, you just don't understand the map yet. To begin with, you start on earth and you have to teleport to the moon. Once there grab a mask in front of you (called PES) and put it on. Then have fun in low gravity.

Here are some hints. Avoid the cosmonaunt. He will take a perk away from you.

You have to go to earth to get jugg. It rotates every other time with speed so if you lose it it is gone for at least 3 rounds as the teleporter has to reset. Pack a punch is also on earth.

Escavators breach the tunnels and the dome if you don't stop them. You must hack them (pick up the hacker in the labs on a desk) but you have to trade in your PES for it so you die if out in the open. Makes it more exciting.

The pads in the dome will put you down if you fall off unless you get flopper. You will know what I mean the first time you hit one.

I suggest mule kick as it gives you 3 guns. ( new perk outside on the moon)

Watch a few videos online if you want and get some friends to do the easter egg. (all 8 perks forever)

The map is fun depending on the group. There are a few glitches you can get into which frustrate the heck out of me and I quit out of the lobby when my team does it.  

There are no traps so you must kill each zombie with a gun. That makes the kill total much higher and harder to get.