Zombie Villager question

I'm looking to start my own underground village;  that'll house villagers. I've found a Zombie spawn pretty close by and I was wondering if Zombie Villagers spawn out of the spawners too? And if so, wjat do I use to turn them back into a villager? Thanks in advanced guys.


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Not sure about the spawning, but I heard that a health potion can turn them back to human. Not sure as I haven't tried this myself. I would try using a splash potion on them.

Thanks for the reply. You need to use potion of weakness on them and then a golden apple straight after. I sat at my zombie spawner for half an hour,  slaying zombies for know reward!  So I found two zombie village's healed them and moved them underground. .. Currently in the process of breeding! I've let natural light in and built a few doors with blocks behind them, but I may need one more Villager. It's a pain.