Zombie players..?

Heylo.. I'm just looking for a few people to play zombies with, hardly anyone plays Black Ops on my friends list and the ones that do are already teamed up with other people. So I'm just playing solo or with randoms atm which isn't much fun.


Oh and i haven't done the Easter Eggs in Call of The Dead or Shangri La in co-op yet soooooo if anyone wants an extra player or if anyone would maybe possibly like to help me get those that'd be super :D Lol


So anyway if anyone would like to play either send me a message or friend request whichever you prefer, I shall be online playing a little later :)


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I need to do those as well, I'll add you.

I'm looking for people that want to play Zombies on a regular basis. Will do cheevos and high rounds using team tactics. Maybe even start a clan that can expand to accomodate the likes of MW3 & BF3 and of course more ZOMBIES lol. Anyhow, message me if interested.

P.S. I have a few players already interested and we're on live 3-4 nights a week.

i will