Zombie mode difficulty

Zombie mode can be a bit random in terms of difficulty at times, sometimes it feels as if the Zombies can hit me a lot quicker than in other games.

Is this just me or am I just imagine it!!!

Hopefully this makes sense.


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kind of, I think it's just some zombies are harder than others

I think it's your imagination.....

Couldn't agree more

I think you are right... I am sure Treyarch had to "ramp up" the zombies on the old maps just for the simple fact you have black ops weapons in the toy boxes. I have definitely noticed more quadruple zombie swipings then before Rezurrection. It seems that more an more zombies are like "Rocky".  I red out much faster these days. Not too mention the weapons table in the box has been altered. You get the same guns but the randomness % has been adjusted. Not too mention the Ray Gun has been totally nerfed!!! You get it alot now.. I have been in numerous 4 player games with 3 ray guns.. ridiculous.. thats how I know they are no longer the icons of destruction as before... theres absolutely no reason why Treyarch needs to tamper with Zombies.. who the hell has 30+ hours to get to 99 legitimately anyways...its fun to play but way more frustrating than it needs to be...

Yeah i noticed this myself