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for some reason the zombie leaderboards on nacht der untoten and shi no numa is not saving the highest rounds anyone else having the same problem or is just me or something ?


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No it has done that for other maps as well. You are not the only one that is having that problem.

Yeah I don't know why this happens my friends leaderboards are knackered  every time he betters his round the leaderboards fail to recognize this. But for me I can honestly say I've had no problems so its not everyone this is affecting just the minority I guess

Yesterday I got to round 29 on Ascension but my friend's host dropped out so it didn't save. That's understandable. What I don't get is how it didn't save when I got to 34 with randoms on xbox live and we finished the game...

I played for 9 hours on Acension just got done, at the end of the game my 2344 kills, and score did not register. Nine hoursof my life on a game wasted. My friends stats were counted and updated but not mine, this has been happening to me since Black ops came out. Messages posted in black ops forums, and Activision support with no help or reguard shown. Nothing is going to be be done about it why even come here, why even express whats wrong? Words cannot express how much I hate everything Microsoft makes a represents its all a big joke!

ya dude, i just got to round 28 on five beat my previous best by 7 rounds and it did not register, but my score did, it just doesn't make sense to me