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Ever since I started playing zombies a year and a half ago I've been coming up with these great ideas to improve zombies. Now, these are all ideas I've come up with and I want to know what the community thinks or has to say about them. I know this will never happen, but I think Treyarch would make alot more money if they made a separate disc for zombies (allowing more room for maps), released with COD or by itself, An arcade game works too. Please read these and let me know what you think or if you have any ideas, go ahead and post them in this thread :)

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-"Create A Character", allowing players to create their own characters to use in their custom zombie maps! They can choose to buy clothes, or use current default clothes, also choosing a voice (JFK, Tank, Robert Englund, etc..)

- An All new “Zombie Creation” tool, allowing players to create their own zombie maps! This will include placing walls, floors, barriers, etc.. Players will be allowed to place Perk Machines, or have no perk machines! Power Switches, choose from a list where to place guns on the wall, Pack-a-Punch, Mystery Box Spawns, Choose the characters(Tank, Nikolai, Takeo, Richtofen, etc..), or choose from a list of your “create a character” (Buying him clothes, make him look like a celebrity, or YOU!),and other neat features!

-Leaderboards for Solo and Multiplayer Zombie Mode! Also displaying your high score, and kills you’ve earned!

- Maps that were in previous games are brought back from BlOps and WaW! They will also have the weapons they respectively had in that specific game (Bouncing betties in WaW, Claymores in BlOps)

-Main Menu will have Zombie Mode, Zombie Map Creation Tool, and a comic/video explaining the storyline of Zombies

-Earn “Z-Points” by playing a lot of zombies, and use the Z-Points for Zombie Map Creation Tool, or to buy chapters to complete the comic!

-Updates weekly e (“Zombie Map of the Week”, Patching up glitches, etc.)

- More Preferences (Allow for players to toggle to play with people who split-screen, or have no mic, have a mic, and no split-screen). In-order to play the “Mic” playlist, player needs to plug in their mic, or they will be forcibly kicked from the lobby. Same goes for “Non Split-Screeners” and other preferences.

- If the host during a game decides to “leave” it will automatically change host to the next best player capable of hosting. Also, if everyone is lagging from playing with the current host, Allow for a host migration, NOT kicking the previous host. When a player leaves, the round will adjust the zombie limit.

-Allow for other players to join a zombie game by INVITE ONLY. They will spawn with 500 points before round 10, and after round ten and so on spawn with 1500 points.

-Those who excessively “rage quit” (5 or more times) a current game, will secretly be on a playlist with other “rage-quitters”. Allow the player to be put back on the normal playlist, after 2 days. If they have a reasonable amount of reports for “rage quitting”, they stay on that playlist for 5 days. 

-MAYBE VOTE KICKING. This may go out of control as constant people will just keep abusing this feature. This is still undecided.

-50 Achievements, each divided equally for each map. New achievements will be added once DLC’s are released.

-Allow for players to choose their characters, but NOT if they’re not in the specific map (Can’t choose Nikolai in “FIVE”, but you can choose Nixon. Can’t choose Robert Englund in Kino, but can choose Tank.)

-DLC's released over a 2 year time, releasing 2 new maps and new features/styles for the Zombie Creation tool, and new voices for their custom characters. Also releasing more chapters to complete the comic.





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More players. Better connections (when someone leaves, throw someone else or a friendly bot into the game). A map that can be beaten, one or several objectives that need to be completed to win. Simple map centered around a farm house and the surrounding areas. Power weapons (shrink ray, bubble gun, star burst cannon). Better zombie AI, I would rather they bite me than just walk up to me and basically punch me to death. Midget zombies. Giant zombies. Rob Zombie.

I like the more players idea..

i completely agrre about the individual zombies disc and character customization but i think giving people the vote to kcik option would be a bad idea in the sense that if someone is kicked for not being very good,like myself, or because thier doing better for instance in l4d 1&2 or vegas 2 people can be a little bit petty:) i think that treyarch would make a fortune cos the basis for a story driven campaign is there and the fan base is rather massive.

More players is all I want. I think they do a good job with it overall.

Here's an idea for a zombie map, and it will continue the story from moon:

 Map name: Samantha's House

 Location: Samantha's House (duh) in Germany, but it is more like a mansion. However, outside in back is an old nazi concentration camp. In front of the house is a small street.

 Features: Samantha is gonna be like George Romero, but she has 4x as much health, so when you kill her, thats it (she also has the voice of Rictofen because they switched bodies on Moon).  She won't come back. Your reward (one for each player): An object that will open up an extra gun slot, so when you get mule kick with it, you'll have 4 guns. This object will be like the focusing stone, you'll always have it. Every five rounds (starting when you open up the concentration camp) a zombified Hitler will come (with radios put in I would find a way for it to meet the story-line). He is made of metal and what you have to do is break the metal by doing damage, and do as much more damage to him as possible before the metal regenerates. Also, (this is only if there are 9 perks) you can buy up to five perks.

 Weapons: Most of the weapons you usually see will be swapped

M1911- ASP

                                  WALL WEAPONS

M14- Stays

Olympia- Stays

PM63- Skorpion

MPL- Kiparis

AK74U- AK47


Bowie Knife- Machete

M16- M1 Grand w/ Grenade Launcher

MP40- Stays (because its a NAZI camp and *** used that alot)

Stakeout- KS-23

Claymores- Bouncing Betties

                                                Box Weapons

CZ75/Duel Wield- Makarov

Python- Stays

Crossbow Explosive Tip- Stays, but with option of explosive or non-explosive like in campaign

Ballistic Knife- Stays

AUG- Stays

Commando- Stays

Famas- Enfield

FN FAL- Stays

G11- Stays, but with no Low Power Scope

Galil- Stays

Spectre- STG-44

HK21- M60

RPK- Stoner63

Dragonov- WA2000

L96a1- PSG1

HS10- Stays

Spas-12- Dragon's Breath

China Lake- Stays

M72 LAW- Panzerschreck

Ray Gun- Stays

Wonder Weapon- Mag Charger  \

                                                            Go to the weapons list for a game called Timesplitters: Future Perfect

Wonder Weapon- Monkey Gun   /

Special Grenade- QED

At the end of one of the easter eggs (there's two) you and your 3 teamates will be rewarded with the rest of the wonder weapons that have been in zombies maps, except the VR11. However, you can only have two of them at once, and that includes the new ones. There will be no achievement for this due to it needing 4 people.

*I have yet to come up with the steps for the easter eggs, but one will give you and your team the rest of the wonder weapons, and the other will give you all of the perks and restore the earth to the way it was before it was blown up.


Quick Revive- 1500

Double Tap- 2000

Speed Cola- 3000

Juggernog- 2500

Stamin-Up- 2000

PhD Flopper- 2000

Deadshot Daiquiri- 1500

Mule Kick- 4000

Samantha A-Bombs- 2300. It increases explosive damage. The name is a reference to Sam Adams (Samantha- Sam.. A-bombs- Adams, because they sound alike.


It would be very difficult but I would like:





nice ideas. extra preferences would be cool cause i'm getting bored of talking to myself lol oh and i think you should be able to pack-a-punch a weapon twice for like double $ or something because max ammo doesn't come often enough for me ! lol

I like the ideas.

Use a creation tool to create map packs and you can send them to Treyarch. If they like it and accept it they can sell them for 400 Points each and every buy you get 10 Points (Microsoft Points) Per buy.

the only problem with that is that there would probably be thousands of people sending in multiple maps they created and mostof them would suck

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