zombie challenge on kino de toten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, i wanted to know if anybody and i mean anybody has beaten my solo record. My solo record in kino de toten is 58. i know i know not very good, i suck compared to my friends. my friends get to rounds 86 solo. and me and my friend has gotten to round 96 with 2 people. to get to round 58 took me about 4 days offline. and me and my friend took about a week and a half to get to round 96. if you want to play zombies with me my main gamertag is Beast2213. ok just wanted to know who can beat my record?


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round 99... 18hours solo.

How can you get to these high rounds on solo? I know people do it all the time. But I get over run way before making it this far. What's your strategy?

[quote user="Kingpin051865"]What's your strategy?[/quote]


^^ LOL