[zG] Zealot Gaming Recruiting for BlOps/MW3

Greetings, everyone! Zealot Gaming is a community dedicated to gaming and progression, all the while growing together as a clan. At the moment, we support PC games including, but not limited to, League of Legends and Minecraft. We're launching an expansion initiative in preparation for the upcoming popular FPS titles, and we're looking for friendly and zealous gamers who wish to fly under our banner and represent us well in the gaming community. Here is a bit about our values, as described in our clan motto, Fidem. Integritate. Zelum., which also lays out the groundwork for our only rules:

From DrMath, our founder: "The first, Fidem, is Latin for loyalty and fidelity. Zealot Gaming is a home for gamers who will not only be loyal to their game, but their clan and fellow clanmates. Fidem imparts a sense of honor and kinship to your fellow gamers within the clan that ensures a healthy environment where all members can learn, grow, and most importantly enjoy gaming.

Integritate, Latin for integrity, is a core component of members in Zealot Gaming. The highest standard of behavior is expected of our members both in and out of game. With our strict no cheating policy, our members are expected to maintain good standing in all games they play as well as with their fellow clanmates and the gaming community as a whole. Maturity is a key component in this value, and something we expect to see in our members.

Finally, Zelum, Latin for zeal, the value which our clan has taken as its namesake, conveys passion, fervor, and desire. It inspires our members to be enthusiastic about gaming and the clan, to be diligent in their endeavors, and to allow their inner fires to shine through, acting as a beacon for fellow gamers to follow their shining example and to imitate their arduous spirit."

Alright, we got a few FPS gamers, but we don't quite have enough members to form a solid base for a division yet-- that's where you come in! We host in-house tournaments, matches, and more, so forum participation is important so you get all the info. Our members also comment on applicants to ensure that new members meet and get along with everyone within the clan, so if/when you become a member, continue to participate and ensure only quality gamers obtain membership in the clan!

We have a sweet website and a nice VBulletin forum, as well as a private Mumble [VoIP service] server [More helpful to the PC gamers] for the use of our clan members. We also use XFire as our main method of communication.

Other reasons one might want to join/help us out:

  • We're not an excessively large clan-- less chance of feeling overwhelmed or that your voice may not be heard
  • The division is just starting-- Early opportunities for division leadership, and you'll get to know everyone quickly, as well as grow with them
  • All teams started in zG are considered official zG teams-- everyone will have an equal chance to represent the clan and play competitively, and you'll get your own subforum as well!

Our application process can be found here-- when applying, please choose the console that you'll be applying for [or Other Game for PC users]. Be sure to list contact details or contact me directly via XBL [Gamertag:NeogothLumen], PSN [PSN ID: NeogothAstron], XFire [neogothastron], or email, and I'll see what I can do for you! If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Note: Due to COPPA Law, all applicants must be at least 13 years of age or older to apply. We prefer members over 15 years of age though will, on occasion and based on maturity, accept those of age 13-14.

Hope to see you guys ingame!

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