Yup, I know it's a Beta

But I'm telling you, if this is what I had to base weather or not I liked this game.......I'd not be getting it. 

Beta...what happened to the closed alpha? 


As an Ea and Dice slappy, I'm very dissapointed and here's my prediction;


Just like in BC2, where "they didn't know how popular it's going to be" .....every other game fan boi who;s finally decided to give the BF series a try is going to and were not going to have enough servers....just like always. 


Glad Rage, Batman and Gear will be out....to keep me busy while they get their ducks in a row.

My guts tell me, with Alan Kurtz being "nervous" about "BF3's release" he knows something we don't


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sound logic.......Homefront left a foul foul taste, and I no longer trust developers

Lol my friend called EA and let us listen in through the party chat and they're saying they are "experiencing a higher server volume than expected" well no *** EA! Why would they think no one is going to download the beta? How have they not learned anything over these past few years about not having enough servers on release day? Think I'm just going to skip the first week of BF3 because this is exactly how it's going to be. Stole this from fearrecon

Shouldn't surprise. Its EA servers.

I think I should make a thread expressing my disdain, since everyone else seems to have done it...

speak, voice, express, that one thing people forget forums are for

^ this

I hate being right about this

Durbin, I trust your judgment from other posts; how is this game so far?