Yugioh Noob

Ok I like playing the game on xbox even though i dont know much bout deck building.

I Tried to build a warrior deck even though i only have like 14 warrior cards and it is kinda hard when you have no clue what ya doing and limited amounts of cards

Can Anyone recommend me and kind of deck or maybe even buy a starter deck? I only am playing single player to get more cards but i win like 1 in every 20 games and when i do win its probably down to them doing more damage to themselves than me doing it to them

Any advice would be great and if you could keep it "simple" thats a bonus Lol xD

- Thankyou! 


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well being new is a bad start, losing 19/20 to the AI? even worse. hit me up i might be able to help you out

I wouldn't worry about losing that many games to start off with, i couldn't win a game against the AI when i first started off either but its just about learning the cards you start off with and how to use them best then start adding or building another deck once you unlock more cards, just keep at it dude, ive been playing this game for months now and still dont know how to use half the cards i got lol

ok cheers for the reply man :D will keep at it