yugioh mn duels looking for a dueling buddy on both of the yugioh game

Looking for a dueling buddy on both yugioh games feel free to message me on xbox


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Heya, I don't mind having someone to play with at all; I don't play any meta decks, if that's what you wanted practice against.

always looking for a duel. Check if im online... Not got yugi md yet, not released in uk yet. Any idea when it will be released??

I heard soon, but probably the reason for delay is because of the multiple languages spoken in Europe, as well as the 6004 cards having to be translated into each language that's taking up a lot of time.

Cheers Keroken, that would make sense. just wish they would hurry up!! Not looking forward to changing all my decks and taking out all the banned cards. Monster Reborn NOOOOOOOO!!! how could they???

is it going to involve all the newly released sets like LAVL? if so we are doomed to face endless waves of ghostricks...

Nope, no Legacy, only up to and including Shadow Spectres. On Expert Mode, Rebecca Hawkins did use a Ghostrick deck, and it was actually pretty good. I might try making a Monarch variant of it.

ghostricks are indeed tricky.....wonder if you had a the ghostricky deck-that would be funny.