Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Decade Duels is Back!

Its finally back after so long, costing at 800 points.


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While stock lasts.

800 points? Hail yes.
I better grab this while its available.

Why do they only sell this game for short periods of time? 

It's updated now with 1-2k more cards. People who already have the game don't have to buy. Just download the update.

Gonna buy it before it goes away again

If I win some MICROSOFT STORE online  gifth card. I will buy 10 of 4000 points card. That if there is no tax on them. All i know it has no shiping. Becoues it be emailed to me. And I will buy a bunch of them. And I will enter them all. And get alot stuff on XBOX LIVE. And I think I would get this if it good enought to get it.

^ If you win you technically aren't buying it.

It a $500 online igft card to MS online store. I still haved to buy them.


Ah Classic Yugioh

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

problem atm it has some decks etc in the marketplace to buy, but no information on the web whats in the decks, so not really helpful. but happy it came back on marketplace.

This game has disappeared many times, hope it's here for good now.