Are you happy it is coming as a new app to the console? I've always wanted either a web browser or YouTube to be on 360. Then I found out Microsoft basically  vowed to never create a web browser for the system. Then with NXE update we started seeing apps like facebook, twitter, last FM, etc. and I thought a YouTube app was a possibility. So this is good news for me at least but people will complain about having these optional things. It just adds more functionality andconvenience to the entertainment system. The old "it works better on pc" or "thats is what I have a pc for exuse" is very silly. Think about it if programers thought the way some of you do, we would never be able to text, surf, or do any other things we love to do on any of our devices. Now about the internet browser that people may want I don't think it will come, I don't care for it anymore to be honest, but Microsoft if the people want to surf let em' surf. (Might as well since you gaves Bing)

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would be gd having suft the web on 360 and youtube make its easier but hopefully they test it before messing whole 360 up

One downside I can see with Youtube on the 360 is, if you can upload video, we'll be over-run by COD montages from MLG wannabe's

ye cod sucks specaily with nubs who camp 24/7 ruin the game they should block people from uploading cod videos hahaha

It actually does work better on a PC, a lot of videos have phone/TV app sharing turned off.


Hopefully MS has a work-around, and youtube just sees the 360 as a windows pc.

I never thought YouTube would come to Xbox LIVE considering that Google owns it.

Do you need Kinect for it?

No it is not a Kinect only app.

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I certainly think it's a good thing, specially for convenience.

I do have a laptop that I can watch videos on, but this is helpful in a way because it means I don't have to switch on the laptop if it's off, I can just watch it on the 360.

I wish there was something similar to fraps to record your games while playing and then upload them to the Xbox's Youtube.

I have no absolutely no idea how someone could even have the thought that Youtube would be Kinect only...Anyway, Youtube has had an app on PS3 forever. Not to mention youtube has an app on pretty much every phone that comes out these days. Microsoft is pretty late to the party. I guess that's because they were too busy pretending Kinect was more than just a gimmick.