Youtube Volume Control!?

So somehow I have managed to mute the volume for my youtube videos, but not my TV. So essentially any video I watch is extremely quiet. I have no idea what I did I just hit the D-Pad and messed up my volume, and I have searched for help all over but to no avail. 

So simply what I am asking is how can I fix this and is anyone going through the same thing? As far as I can tell you shouldn't be able to control youtube player volume and just your TV volume.

I am using an Xbox One.


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I am having the same problem man. The only way to temporarily fix it is to press start on the youtube app, and press quit. Then reopen it. It will fix the volume temporarily but it will eventually go back down. I have never had this problem until the newest update today.

It's extremely annoying. After about 4 videos, it's muted again. Hopefully there is a patch soon, even thought patch won't be released for a couple months. Usually how it goes when something is wrong.

Add me to the list of people with this problem.  The volume goes down every time you skip from one video to the next, be it with the d-pad, shoulder buttons, analog stick, or just letting it play through.  Then sometimes, if you select enough random videos, one of them will make it go back up to 10.  Quit and reopen is easier.

Why would the youtube app even have its own volume setting separate from the system?

I love my One but I would love even more for any of the updates to not break basic functions.

Oh thank god other people are having this problem. I thought I was going insane.

Glad to know others have this issue as well, I mean it's not the end of the world but the feature to control volume for the videos themselves would be nice.

I actually spoke to support today and the only way they know of controlling the volume is through voice commands, which only turns up and down the television volume. So it seems this is a new bug.

Yo I had the same exact issue. Just figured out how to Fix it! If you sync your phone up and click the blue icon in the top right of the YouTube app it'll control the volume for the YouTube app works fir android apple windows phone and w8

That's not a fix I shouldn't have to do that.

I too am having this issue. Why does YouTube even need control over my volume?! I got it to reset by power cycling my One but that is not a permanent fix.

I am having the same problem. It's like every other video the volume goes down on it's own and the only way to get volume back is to quit the app and open it back up

Everyone still experiencing this issue?

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