Youtube PVP Server

Join in and play and ill post it on my youtube.

Choo Choo's Survival Warz

PVP ECONOMY server with a twist......

There is castle which is situated in the corner of the map . the host(me) and loyal defenders will defend ourselves at all costs.

Dont want to join our side  in the server ? well you can attack and win microsoft points... thats right ill pay you if you can defeat us. The rules of engagment are on my gaming like page on facebook.You can also trade with the castle if not at war.

We wont attack unless provoked...New people join the server everyday and try to survive.from mobs and especially other players who covet their maps,as your map is your most valuable item in this game.

If you want to be royalty on the server you must pay your alliegience into the castle where you will recieve protection and food in return for defending the castle.

Choose your side and win microsoft points in the process.

The map may restart after every major update.

Welcome and Goodluck

from Choo Choo's Gaming

Game mode : Survival

Difficulty : Hard

Maps: ON

Gamertags : ON

Trust players : ON

host privliges :OFF

Fog : off

Game type: AWESOME!!!


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Creative mode never used!100% Legit


add me plz thx

Can i play im making a youtube acount soon GT Crunchypillow78