YouTube app won't load

Since about three days ago, I haven't been able to use the YouTube app on my Xbox 360.

When launched, the YouTube logo appears and it starts loading (circle spinning). Unfortunately it continues to load for ever without opening YouTube.

Without any success, the following actions have been tried:

- deleting and reinstalling the app several times

- clearing hard drive cache

- deleting my Google and YouTube accounts

- deleting and reinstalling updates on the hard drive (Xbox customer service advise)

Strangely this problem only occurs on the Xbox, no problem on my PS3 and other mobile devices.

Would be most grateful for some help to solve this very annoying problem since I prefer to watch YouTube on the Xbox!




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I encounter a similar problem except for when my app doesn't run it shows a

Error: 4004 message. I did all the troubleshooting you did but to no avail. I too would

love some help figuring out this problem

I too am having the exact same issue. I am wondering if it had to do something with the dashboard beta they had and I was apart of. But the stupid app just will not work. Any help would be much appreciated!

My problem "magically" disappeared two day ago!

Kind of strange since my actions were unsuccessful and no new updates downloaded.

All's well that ends well.