Your own Shepard action figure (in your likeness): who wants to get in on this?

Hey guys,

For awhile now I've been thinking how awesome it would be if I could get a custom action figure made of my male Shep and my Fem Shep; I got my male Shep to look a lot like me (I'll admit it...he is trimmer...), and I made a pretty kick-@@@ FemShep that I'm proud of.

It bums me out that they only make standard Shepard stuff, though. If you've made a custom shep, I'm betting that you could never identify with the standard Shep, I mean, how could you?

So, does anyone know of a place that makes custom Sheps? If not, who wants to try and get some sort of internet-grassroots campaign going? If we can get thousands of names behind a request to some toy maker (my friend told me that some company does in fact make custom figures for WoW, so maybe them?), I think we could do it. If there's a market, they will come.

I've spent dozens  - nay, hundreds! - of hours playing BioWare games, and though KOTOR and Jade Empire are near and dear to my heart,  no games give you the ability to shape your character and world as much as ME 1 & 2; I would love to have a little nerdy keepsake of the characters I've spent so much time with.

So, you guys want to start a campaign? No harm in trying, right?


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Oddly enough the reason I've not bought a lot of Mass Effect merchandise is because it features the default Shepard and in all my plays of the two games I've used him once in each title.


I'd love to get my Shepard's made into an action figure, or even a poster for my wall. The ideal of course would be a custom cover for the game featuring my main female Shepard.

It would be nice if bioware or some other third party would have a custom shepard merchandise service.  Maybe something along the lines of a custom shep fathead would be cool.

Custom Shepard posters would be cool. The one thing Bioware did do that really got my attention, was the replica DA swords they did, through a third party. Awesome.  Havent got one, and its a different game to the one being discussed, but BW merchandise nontheless.