Your opinions about the feel of the weapons!

Just wondered weather you prefered COD or BF weapons, i always thought the BF weapons felt a bit weak, the force feedback just doesn't seem right compared to COD weapons. I think this can realy make a game better with the force feddback i think COD implemented it well, you feel like your getting hit and your firing a powerful gun.


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first i hated it.


Now i love them.. hope the feel the same in the end game.


Compared to this.. all other shooters feel like i carry water pistols

BF weapons feel more realistic to me. The sound is great as you dont hear the 'tap tap' of the target being hit at 50m, you hear things at the correct distances. The recoil is generally good too and the power is also realistic from what ive played of the beta (whether it changes or not who knows). One thing i didnt like about BFBC was the 10-15 bullet kill, if you shoot someone centre mass or head then it should only be between 1 and 5 realistically. I know what you mean though, in cod the emphasise and over exadurate the weapons - especially the Barret 50cal! it made you feel like you were firing a tank shell, it did have that wow factor especially the first time you use it.

I thought it took alot of ammo to knock someone down.  I also thought target tracking seemed slow, but that could have been me not finding the right settings, although I did try to adjust them.  I seemed to go down when hit instantly, but my targets could run through a hail of hit markers and then shoot me with a pistol.  (Which is overpowered I think.)

I do like the COD style a little better, but I will see what the final version is like before making further comments.

I got used to it, now I rather like it. I think I like cod more though just because its so simple.

cod/mw smoother, bfbc2 slow movement, bf3 too jumpy

I like them both, but I think BF is slightly better and closer to realistic as far as video games goes. That being said, even though it was a dumpster fire of a beta, one of the few things I liked most about  the BF3 beta was the gun play and feel and the controls. I feel the controls and responsiveness are finally on par with other shooters like Halo and CoD.

Yeah the beta felt even smoother than BC2, idk just felt a little more fliud and polished.

Happy with the weapon selection.  I didn't like the LMGs. it felt like I was carrying a pistol.

DICE goes out of there way to get as authentic as possible with their audio.